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CODE CV is a Social Development Cooperative. We defend the promotion of quality tourism, social cohesion, equal opportunities and empowerment of people and institutions. We focus on the development of collaborative learning processes and new skill sets.





Our mission is to boost Cape Verde’s sustainable development through the execution of activities in the scope of tourismtraininginternational projects and partnerships for developmentempowerment and implementation of local people and businesses, sustainable development projects as well as socialcommunity intervention and organisation of events.

We envisage the promotion of social innovation, through interventions characterized by its quality but also by sustainable and ethical principles.

Our Projects

Project Reciclarte

We have designed and are running a programme with the high support of the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries for underprivileged children called RECICLARTE. This is an ongoing programme that aims to raise awareness among children about the effects of pollution as well as using recycling as a fun way for them to express their creativity and build their own toys. It is our objective to show that recycling is of extreme importance in the context of environment preservation and motivate children to use recycled materials and promote creativity. At the programme we enhance their soft skills, support them with their home work and provide healthy snacks. Above all, we have loads of fun!

Mulher Empreendedora is a program to train women with an entrepreneurial spirit and to support the creation and development of businesses (companies, associations and / or cooperatives).

Its main objectives are:
✓ Stimulating self-employment and prevent economic deprivation situations;
✓ Stimulating creativity;
✓ Set up human capital;
✓ Develop ideas that stimulate economic activities:
✓ Promote networking

This program aims to promote entrepreneurship, in particular entrepreneurial skills of the female population of the island of Sal, as well as the creation of a collective business unit for women, in a business area to be defined.
This year with an edition for MEN too!

Precious Plastic - Sal Island

Inspired in an existing project present worldwide and in collaboration with the Municipality of Sal, funded by Terre Plurielle and CALAOCODE CV is working towards implementing this project in the Island. Our aim is to reduce the ecological footprint created mainly by tourists but also by the locals, raising awareness for the reutilisation of plastic as a raw material that can be used for production of new items. Besides of a space to work and store the plastic, a collecting system needs to be implemented. The machines to work the plastic have been identified and can be built locally.

Setting up of a recycling unit in Sal Island with capacity to collect and recycle plastic originated by the tourism industry and by the local population, transforming it in new and useful products. Depending on the moulds we use it is possible to create art pieces, construction material or even decoration items or even office material.

A 6 months dance programme that intends to keep teenagers off the streets. A fusion of Cape Verdean traditional rhythms and modern dances enables them to learn fun and original choreographies. The participants produce the outfits, interact with professional dancers and finish the programme with a show in Santa Maria’s main square!

On it’s second edition (2019)

Focused on entrepeneurship and networking, Sal Konect is a series of periodical events throughout the year which aims to promote and stimulate contacts between the entrepeneur population of Sal Island, fomenting synergies and sustainable growth, at business and individual level.

Sal Konect serves as a meeting point to all of those who want to expand their network and their business, while sharing experiences, participating in workshops and motivating and inspiring one another.

Each event is different, from the content to the host, and will be announced beforehand at Sal Konect’s facebook group. We believe that by getting the community directly involved and focusing on the island as a whole, we can reach and benefit more people with this initiative.



Solidary Articles

CODE CV is actively engaged in social work. Aside of the project RECICLARTE we articulate and work closely with other organisations in order to educate and provide children the instruments to enhance their knowledge, skills and improve the quality of their lives. Our activities go beyond recycling as we also provide them with school materials, toys, food and of course lots of play and joyful moments!

30 children


since September 2017

0 Kg
of fruit
0 L
of milk
0 L
of water

We sell these 2 articles handmade by our children. They can be found in some of our partner shops like Art&Craft CV and L’Alambic. The money is used to buy food, school and pedagogical materials for the children. 

We think it is important to teach the children that even though it is great to receive help, in life, we must work to attain our objectives. This is the way we found to motivate them to do something in order to get something back.


Had a wonderful time with everyone at the dance project and got to know the local reality. An experience I won't forget!
Filipa Moura 🇵🇹
Interacting with the children and helping them in developing their skills was very rewarding
Lorris Azarro 🇫🇷

At CODE CV we welcome all volunteers that want to help developing and implementing our projects. Unfortunately, we can’t help with any expenses for the trip and stay of our volunteers, as we currently lack the infrastructure to provide support in that regard. We guarantee, however, your participation (if you so wish) in different projects, help you get to know the island and the local realities and interact with other associations that do social work in Sal. 

If you’re interested or have more questions, feel free to 
contact us or apply through Givingway

We look forward to hearing from you!
Hélia Bernardo – President of CODE CV
Cooperativa Desenvolvimento Cabo Verde

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